Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm a Country Girl on a Dirt Road

You guys, I got awesome news today! It was announced that Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean will be making a stop in Champaign for their 2012 tour together! ::squeee:: I. Love. Them.
Ladies, just take a moment and take in all that hawtness. 

Yepp, these two fabulous faces will be gracing us with their presence in early 2012 and I can't wait! I've been in love with Jason Aldean since he opened for a Tim McGraw concert I saw way back in 2008 and Luke Bryan's song "Country Girl" has played on my radio allllll summer long.

Hopefully Santa will be able to bring me a pair of tickets for this concert, but all I know is that this girl will definitely be there!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

1 comment:

  1. I'm jealous! They put on such good shows!! I love them! Plus they aren't too bad to look at... ;)