Monday, November 21, 2011

Impromptu Reunion

I was pleasantly surprised by an invitation from my friend, Sam, to come downtown and get dinner with her. She goes to school in the city and we haven't really seen each other much lately so of course I said yes!

You guys, I took the train by myself for the first time! I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit it;)
Check out my ticket...

We ended up ordering Chinese food and between the 2 of us, managed to spend almost $30! What? We just wanted a little of everything:) Ha, when the food got to her apartment it looked like a Chinese buffet had taken over her table! But it was delicious so it was totally worth it:)

I'm off to enjoy my "educational" reading for the evening...

Pink kisses and wishes,

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  1. Love your educational reading!! That's my kind of studying!