Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dad's Weekend 2011 : Weekend Recap

Hello Ladies & Happy Tuesday!

How about a little weekend recap?
Well this weekend was Dad's weekend at U of I and this girl was lucky enough to have her grandpa come down for a little visit.

Ladies, meet Joe.

 (These are our pictures from last year, excuse the bad angle, it's all the pictures we could recover from the camera:( & the other girl/dad pair is my pledge baby, Katie and her dad Jim!)

Usually Joe just comes down for Saturday- Sunday and we go shopping, grab dinner, go out with some of the other girls in my sorority that evening, and eat brunch at the Chi-O house in the morning. It's always fun and you guys know I love shopping:) I swear I get it from him! Ha.

Last year for Dad's Weekend I got these
  Bailey UGG boots in Black

And this
A Cream Peacoat from Kohls with cute scarf/gloves

I had no idea what was in store for this year since I just bought a new coat for myself last week (it was $40, how could I not get it?!) and I wasn't disappointed when we went shopping for these babies...

Yepp, those are the same ones from my Christmas List! Sooo excited for them to come in the mail! (We had to order them to store because they didn't have this style in the kids sizes)

But other than that, we went out to dinner at an amazing steakhouse down here and enjoyed a little football.  Unfortunately the Illini couldn't pull it out and we lost 31-14 :( But it's ok because Notre Dame kicked ass and won against Maryland 45-21! Go Irish!

Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures this weekend, but you can see we still had a ton of fun;)

Pink Kisses & Wishes


  1. I'm jealous!
    Sounds like you had a blast (and got some goodies)!!

  2. fun!! i am a UofI alum :) go illini!

  3. Thanks girls! It was definitely a fun weekend, but it would have been better if we actually won:) ILL!